Very expensive and not great claims service


We opted for M&S based on their reputation and initially very reasonable rates. However my pet insurance costs 4 times as much as my car! £125 a month for a 6 year old boxer. He does have a few health problems but we often don't claim for everything anyway. We are almost at point of not insuring. I have been told that a company is not allowed to increase premiums due to claims? They do with claims but take a long time - last time it took over 10 weeks to receive cheque.




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Posted: 24/11/2016

They do counter in claims as i have two dogs who are 14 and a half and brothers, the one has had a lot of claims, costing £306 per month last year and the other has had 3 or 4 claims in his lifetime and the premium was £96 per month last year. I still think the premiums are totally unacceptable but they take advantage of the fact with an ageing dog you have no option but to stay or forfeit cover.