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I am an OAP not good with computers first ever review hope turns out ok.I feel very disappointed with Tesco Pet Insurance. I made my first claim for my cat which was less than £50 and from the time i took the form to my vet until received my money was 10 weeks although Tesco claimed they didnt get until 8 weeks ago,i have rang three times wondering why it should take so long and 5 weeks ago Tesco told me should be settled by the end of that week,then received a letter from claims director saying they need more info from my vet.I feel im being fobbed off all the time.If i hadnt of made the phone calls i wonder how long it would of taken.I wish i read the reviews first.Needless to say i have cancelled


Domestic Long Hair


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Posted: 28/05/2015

The longer it takes the more money they get out of you especially as they expect you to cancel.Yes Fobbed off with a capital F!!