no claim but premium goes up!


I cannot say whether you get good service from pet protect as we have not claimed. After being tied in to one insurer for our previous Labrador because of an existing claim not being supported by a new insurer. We decided to shop around when insuring our new labrador pup. We went with Petprotect as they offered a good level of cover with no vet fee contribution. One year on, the renewal comes in and the premium as jumped from £201.49 to £234.72 but that's not all. They excess has risen from £50 per incident to £75 & they have now introduced 15% vet fee contribution. As if that's not enough they have this year introduced a 5% charge for paying in monthly instalments. So if I am lucky & don't have to claim again this year it will cost me 23% more than last year for peace of mind. If the worst happens, despite paying nearly £250 for insurance I might still find myself unable to afford treatment for my puppy!! Thank god I haven't had to claim & can shop around but I pity those that can't!


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