Wont use them again


I took out a lifetime cover for both our dogs. They weren't the cheapest, but their list of items covered seemed extensive, so decided to go with them. We were asked to give permission for them to contact our vets to view the dogs medical history. We did this and soon after we received our cover note for the dogs. I became annoyed when I noticed all the exclusions listed at the bottom of the page. Including, fore leg conditions, which I found out is because I had mentioned to the vet on a visit, that I thought our 6 month old puppy had clicky joins and was sensitive around the leg area when sometimes playing. I called the insurance company and said that the vet had looked over our pup and nothing was wrong. They asked for the vet to contact them and talk to them regards this. Our vet kindly wrote a letter, stating that he had examined the pup and found all was fine. They came back to me saying they wouldn't take his word for this!!! They then wanted proof that no treatment had been given, so again our vet send in up to date med records. Their excuse this time was that they were no different to the ones received a few weeks earlier so again the foreleg conditions exclusion would remain.
The other exclusion was because of tests that were carried out on the same puppy after it was thought she was drinking far to much water and as a result peeing a lot. After several tests, there was nothing found. But again Help You Cover refused to remove the exclusions, after this was pointed out to them....
It just seems to me that they will use any comment made or examination done, regardless of the fact nothing was found wrong after examination, to exclude huge parts of your cover ( and I might add, they don't reduce the premium because of it...)

I certainly wouldn't recommend them to any one and we certainly won't ever use them again


Gordon Setter


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Posted: 05/07/2015

Agree with you 100%