Cat insurance claim declined because of existing condition


I'll keep this short but not very sweet !

Insured cat with tesco after monthly premiums became too high with pet plan after very early diagnosis that cat had reduced kidney function

Tesco agreed to insure cat with full disclosure of his health and existing reduced kidney function

Cat died early 2015 of kidney failure , tesco refused to pay because of existing kidney condition as informed to them at start of insurance contract .

Now for the catch 22, 23 , 24 etc etc

The insurance small print says even though they will take on your cat for health insurance and you tell them of all existing previous health conditions they will not pay for these unless written into your contract

I then informed them they agreed to cover my cat for all pre- existing health condition on my phone conversation setting up the policy

Now here comes the clever bit ... They then said even if they had agreed to cover all pre - conditions which they could not verify as they has lost the phone tapes (???) , they would only pay out if the cat died within 12 months of the existing pre - condition becoming fatal ....brilliant !!!

Hats off to Tesco ...I wish I had an insurance company like theirs !

Anyhow my advice is don't bother with any pet insurance just save the money and pay your own pet bills


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