'test' classed at 'treatment'


My Jack Russel has a benign lump on his chest which was 'tested' 2 years ago and was advised to leave it have now been advised to seek 'treatment' as the lump has grown but @TESCO pet insurance will not cover the costs because 2 years have passed and a 'test' is classed as a 'treatment'. My dog has had nothing 'treated' only 'tested'. I will not be renewing my pet insurance with them after giving them money for 8 years and only claiming once for a minor procedure.


Jack Russell Terrier


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Posted: 30/01/2016

Had a very similar experience. Benign lump tested, and advice was to leave alone. After more than a year lump had grown extensively and advice was then to remove. Paid for the treatment and put the claim in. Only to be told after 8 weeks that since the "treatment" was more than 12 months from start that they werent paying out. Any excuse!!!!