Price just keeps on increasing


Have had Charlie insured since a puppy with M&S (2008) - yes the price keeps going up but felt ok with it until the renewal following a cruciate ligament op in 2013 - went up by £13 per month to just under £30. Fair enough they paid up quickly but the condition was limited to £1k (basically we had to pay the other £1K). The other cruciate ligament went in March this year at another £2k - again paid up the £1k max per condition without any problem. Renewal - well, has just gone to £44 per month! Am needing to get my other dog insured - just searching web and can get them both insured for less. I know where I am now heading!
£1k does not cover much at all in the vet world!! I think the vets have a lot to answer for too with increasing costs??


Bearded Collie


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