Avoid at all costs


I had the misfortune to have to make two claims for my 9 year old cat. He became ill in November last year with pancreatitis, which he had never suffered from before. Despite this it was two months before I could get this company to process the claim. Five phone calls and a complaint in writing later, they finally settled. Shortly after this my cat developed kidney failure and died so I had to make another claim. He had bladder problems when he was two but no kidney problems at all, but they have rejected the claim on the grounds that it was a pre existing condition, which it wasn't. They have kept me waiting another two months before telling me this. Don't bother with these people. They will do anything to avoid paying out.




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Posted: 21/05/2015

I think we should all send our stories to Watchdog, then Sainsbury's might just start treating their customers better!