I urge anyone considering this appalling organisation to re-consider and look elsewhere. After taking my 11 year old cat in for a simple procedure (having NEVER claimed for him once over his entire lifetime), they refused to pay to due what appears to have been either an administrative error or incorrect information supplied from the Vet. I am absolutely gobsmacked at how they can get away with this. Thankfully, the cost was not extortionate (just over £200) so we could take it, but it is the principle! They have taken thousands off us over the years as we have a number of animals which we've insured with them. All of them micro-chipped, wormed, vaccinated - we are responsible owners!! When I take out insurance, I expect to be able to claim without some silly little pathetic excuse given. Previously, I had taken our other cat who had a liver condition - they did pay out for that however, they said that they would no longer cover the condition, so no more claims for that one! What is the point? It's a complete swindle. We've cancelled all our policies with them and will look for a more reputable company. Meanwhile, all the money we've handed over to them over the past 11 years has been a total and complete waste of time. May have just thrown it down the toilet!! How they can get away with it is beyond me.




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Posted: 29/07/2015

So your vet made a mistake and its the insurers fault! Seems to me that you should be questioning your vet rather than the insurer!