Wording of policy BEWARE


I am amazed at the situation I now find myself in. I have just had my policy with Animal Friends terminated. Reason: My dog has mated a bitch. I have had dogs for 40 years and they have always been insured. I have excellent management skills and proud that even though I have Bernese Mountain dogs (which are classed as a select breed) they have lived to a good age 11, 12 and 13. I understand that most companies will not insure a whelping bitch but I cannot understand that they do not insure a dog that has mated a bitch intentionally or accidently. They do not monitor or check with the kennel club if a dog has progeny or if it is a mongrel/rescue/pet and has mated a bitch how can Animal Friends monitor this situation. So why make an exclusion that cannot be proven. What on earth has an infected ear got to do with mating a bitch. My dog is 5 years 3 month and because it is a select breed I am now finding it difficult to get insurance cover. He is kept in excellent health, won the World Show in Paris a Champion in this country and has won CC's in Club Shows. Perhaps it is best to keep quiet and not be honest.......


Bernese Mountain Dog


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