I am really disgusted with the poor service of paying out a claim. My dog has cancer and is being treated by an oncologist, at a practice over 100 miles away from our home. (my vet referred my dog there). This is soooo expensive, being in the thousands. we have to pay the referral vet when we leave with our dog. hey fill in the form, send it to tesco within a day or so. Then I have to wait over a month for that money, I have already paid, and need that money back. Even with a credit card, the bank is asking for the payment before I have received it from Tesco. I took out this insurance for exactly this type of occurance. (where I may not be able to afford treatment). Now I am havint to fund all the payments, and pay interest on the debt because they have taken so long to send the payment. At the time on writing this I am due payment of £2,000.00, and the refferal vet sent it to Tesco a month ago. When I phoned 2 weeks ago about it, I was told it was there, and they would process it, but they haven't. I have been back to that vet twice more since, so those claims are in the system somewhere. Shame on you Tesco for this Terrible service.


Labrador Retriever


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