You get what you pay for and these guys rob you.


Years after a soft tissue injury on left hind leg of dog ( now 8 ) is suffering from hip displacier in the right side. Refused to pay out as they said the condition is bi lateral so i have wasted Thousands of pounds for nothing. Her treatment is going to cost a fortune so i will now have to put my best friend down as its a choice of that or feed my family.


German Shepherd


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Posted: 30/03/2015

Agree you get what you pay for, avoid this company at all costs, have just had a claim refused by them for my old boy despite the vet challenging their initial decision to refuse payment.
I have been paying them since my dog was about 7 and he is now 16 and have only ever claimed £400 about 4 years ago. Think I will be cancelling the policy after sending them a complaint letter