Thought it was a joke!


I have a rescued Bichon Frise and when she came to us four years ago I insured her with Axa.The first year the premium was around £17, the second year around £26 and last year increased to just under £40. My policy with them is due for renewal this month and NCI have sent me details of the new premium.... £284 per month!! I have read reviews of NCI and this transfer from Axa in which NCI say they are not wishing to get rid of clients. So what exactly are they trying to do? I will make a complaint and then contact the Ombudsman. These methods are legal but grossly unfair.


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Posted: 16/06/2016

Very similar experience with my medium sized cross breed dog, and in fact was a little more than your quote - £291/month. I can't insure her with another company because of her age so having been with a company (AXA) for several years, left with nothing! I should have complained to the ombudsman but was a difficult year last year and I have let time go on.