Very Disappointed


I changed all my pet's insurance over to animal friends as I thought there was good ethics behind the company. I was wrong. I have had my 9 year old bitch insured all her life and never claimed a thing. She recently had mastitus and it cost me £500 in antibiotics so I contacted Animal Friends to claim against policy. Had a long letter back saying she is not covered as it's a pre existing condition??!! She has never had anything before! It works out that because I mentioned to the vets a couple of times in the past when she has been in for her annual booster, how funny my dog is when she has had a false pregnancy they wont cover her! Ridiculus. I called them and after talking to them I dont actually think they would cover her for anything - ever.




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Posted: 13/04/2015

What questions did you ask please? I am looking to insure my new dog and dearly would love to hear what you've already asked and would like to know what the response was please

Posted: 20/04/2015

How did the confusion happen? Why does everyone think it was a pre existing condition ? It must have been written down on the Insurance form. Did you hsveffull life cover?