Left feeling ignored and unimportant. Stay clear!


Was with company for 3 years. Was fine up until renewal after moving address. Turns out what they have on their "system" about my account seems to be very different to what I see. There were apparently letters sent to me informing me of price changes after moving, which I never received nor did my price change (stayed constant for 2+ years, despite them saying there had been changes in price...)

When my renewal came up the price, without explanation, was significantly higher, the letter I received back from my complaint was almost painful. There was no attempt at rapport, no attempt to ease my worries, just simply "yep, that's your point of view, here's ours, cheers, we've cancelled your account". Did nothing to attempt to keep me with their policy, even the CEO's response was lacking any sort of empathy. No compensation offered, bare explanations, left you feeling there's no point even trying to talk to this company.

To make matters worse, after them cancelling my service ( I said I would cancel if not resolved, so instead of attempting to help me, they cancelled my account...) they continued charging me for one of my policies. It's taking me along time to get the refund, but during the email conversations, I was emailed ANOTHER CUSTOMERS claim information and email chains - this gave me the other customers Name, email address, policy information - I will never use this company again and will advise others against it.

Rubbish customer service, unreliable communication, Data Protection breaches by sending me another customers information.
A company with no heart or care for customers is not a company I want to do business with.


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