Avoid the pdsa at all costs.. I've been with them for 3 years and have never needed to claim. My policy allows me to claim £3000 per injury limit so I wasn't concerned until my dog was diagnosed with hip dysplasia.. The vet bill for X-rays wasn't bad around £370.Then the problems started.. After receiving a call from my vet weeks later to say they hadn't been paid..The Pdsa said they couldn't pay as they didn't have all my dogs history even though they had my vet details!! I then was left to ring around and email the pdsa while waiting for an answer.. Weeks later they finally paid the £270 left owing my vet which then left just over £2700 for further treatment if needed on her hip. In the meantime my renewal has come and my insurance has doubled!!! Ok I said no problem it's better to pay nearly £300 a year insurance because she's still covered for her hips... I've now received a letter saying they are going to cancel my insurance because they can't find me on the electrol roll!!!!! I havnt moved, I vote, I pay council tax so why now after 3 years can't you find me???? If you cancel my policy my dog will no longer be covered and you win because you won't have to pay for any more treatment.... I'm shocked that an animal charity works like this..


Medium Mixed Breed (31 - 59 lbs)


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