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I have had pet insurance with pet plan for over a year now for my cavalier king Charles spaniel. When he was a puppy he had a condition that affected his immune system which showed symptoms on his eyes, instead of looking into what the condition was the sales women put an exclusion on his eyes.

I have disputed this fact with them because it isn't an eye condition and now because he has contracted a separate eye condition which needs no treatment and has no connection to the condition he had as a puppy they are refusing to remove the exclusion.

I am disgusted in the way that they have dealt with me, no one is listening to me or the numerous letters from my vets. No body is listening to the facts, I have no issue with them putting exclusions on pre existing condition but to exclude an entire eye is just stupid.

I care about my pet enough to pay £33 a month to make sure if he does fall ill he is cared for properly like millions of other loving pet owners and for the "number 1 uk pet insurer" to not give a damn about my pet or the customer who is paying £400 a year is horrid.


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


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Posted: 13/05/2016

our vet put to sleep our loving cat due to kidney failure...2 weeks later pet plan told us euthanadia and cremation are excluded. So be aware.Pet Plan insist that they do not cover these costs !
Stupid thing, as pets will die somehow someday just as us humans will.
I am going to complain to the Ombudsdam anyway as i find this a bit contrary to our pets rights and the amount of money we paid for so long for nothing ?! ... what for to pay a life policy for 10 yrs if at the ende, when they die, they are not covered !?

Posted: 12/08/2016

i know where u coming from my cat was from a cat center he was sick once and now he is sick im told im not covered so had a nice bill from vets and i been paying 4 nothing