90% increase in 2 years!


We had our 2 dogs (now 7 and 5) insured with More Than at a monthly premium of £19.60 for 2013. In 2014 the premium went up to £22.77 per month, an increase of 16% (inflation at less than 2%). We claimed for treatment to one dog after an accident in June 2014 and got paid £265 after excess. Dog recovered and this is not an ongoing condition. Just received the quote for this year and the premiums are now £37.29 per month, a whopping increase for 63% on last year and an unbelievable increase of 90% on the first year!!! How can this be justified?? How much would it go up if it was an ongoing condition?? Seems like I'd end up paying for the treatment through my premiums, so what is the point of insurance??


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Posted: 19/04/2015

just cancelled renewal , £12 2012 ,£27 2015 . 125% increase in 4 years .typical Norwich union stunt . you can change the name but you still have the same disregard for your customers