Avoid if you expect your dog to get to age 9


I have an Italian Spinone which has been insured with Animal Friends for nine years. Not one penny has been claimed in this time yet when the dog reached the age of nine, the premiums were increase by 60% - circa £250 per year. I can't comment on them otherwise as I have never had to use their services beyond one very small claim on another policy/animal and giving them premiums, which they seem to collect very efficiently. I suppose that some other insurers would similarly increase the premiums which is why I very generously give Animal Friends an average score rather than the 2 which they really deserve.


Spinone Italiano


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Posted: 19/06/2015

The same thing happened to me when my dog turned 9.. I rang and complained especially as i had never claimed on their insurance in over 7 years and through the work i do working with animals I had referred hundreds of customers to them.. They said that because my dog was now 9 she was in a higher risk catorgory for getting ill. I told them they were speaking rubbish as yes if a dog is fed processed food all its life then yes it is at higher risk than a dog who has been fed raw all their life which mine has.. hence NO vet bills or NO claims made.. they said there was nothing they could do and i would have to write to the underwriters as it was their policy not actually Animal Friends.. I was most annoyed with them and they lost a lot of respect.. I dont refer them to anyone now.. they have made way too much money from me already and to put my premiums up like that was just way out of order.