Customer Care Unsatisfactory


I have had Tesco pet insurance since my dog was a Westie. I have only ever claimed for teh same condition which we have managed to keep under control - it is a dermatitus condition and has always been in teh same place. Last time I claimed this was reejected and I did not think I could challenge this - it was a faily small amount so I left it. More recently I had to take my dog back aain for teh same complaint and this claim was also rejected. I queried this and was advised that both claims were incorrectly processed. I received the refund with another excess taken of. When querying this I was advsied that as the time lapse between each occureence was lengthy another excess had to be paid. This is being investigated again as each occurrence is for exactly the same condition and in the same place. The vet fully supports this. Tesco Insurance is unprofessional and does not care about customer loyalty at all. Would not recommend


West Highland White Terrier


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