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Our puppy managed to get hold of some grapes which are poisonous to dogs.we ran up a vet bill of approximately £800. Our vet liased with Pet Plan directly and settled the bill. We had no hassle or extra stress on top of getting our precious puppy back to health. Just what you need! GREAT!!


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Posted: 26/06/2015

Well my dog at a full chicken wing, took them to emergency vet, paid £120 upfront.
Claim was refused by Petplan, not an emergency?

Message seems to be if there is injury no pay out

Posted: 16/07/2016

My dog aswallowed a large chicken wing/bone from the pavement. Took my dog to emergency vet. Paid £100 upfront to be told to wait and see. My do digested the bone safely after a few day.

PetPlan refused to paid? This was an emergency, my dog had eaten a dangerous item he needed to see a vet quickly. but, Petplan did not agree. Everything is great when they take you money but, not when they have to pay.