Not paying out when my vet saisd they would


I went with this policy as my vet recommended. My dog had a puppy heart murmur and I was told that pet plan would cover this in the future. it turns out that now im trying to claim for my dogs SEPERATE heart condition they are relating it to the heart murmur and consider it pre-existing. After 8 year of paying my premium with no claims Don't listen to them!!


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Posted: 10/09/2015

This is exactly what happened with our spaniel. Had a heart murmur from birth and now has Congestive Heart Failure. Petplan would not pay out because it is 'pre existing' - even though it is congenital. We had been pouring money in for 7 years with no claims and now they will not pay out for the x-rays or medication which she needs to be on for the rest of her life. They really made a difficult time for us even worse and we will be cancelling our cover. Do not recommend.