Rocketing renewal quote


I have just cancelled my renewal with More Than after they increased my policy for my 2 cats from £9.39 a month to £25.09 with no claims made. I expected a small increase but that was daylight robbery. Beware beware beware.


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Posted: 24/01/2015

hi,too true mine has gone up by £400pounds it’s a joke £725.00 a year for my dog talk about day light robery

Posted: 05/02/2015

I switched from these to E&L for that reason. What a joke... E&L never pay out. At least these guys did. I've gone back to them. The higher premiums is worth being able to get a claim paid and generally, their customer service is excellent.

Posted: 11/02/2015

Re the above comment. I had a letter to say that after a "service review" it was noticed that there had been a mistake made on some of their renewal quotes and that they were being rectified. Great for those who renewed automatically and we're now getting a lower premium, but a shame for those that went elsewhere but are now paying more than if More Than had got it right the first time due to the 14 day cooling off period having passed. I luckily am still paying less.