Added Exclusions after the Policy was taken out


We filled in the on line application form giving all information accurately. A price was agreed and the policy and direct debit started. When the Policy arrived Exclusions that we had not been made aware of had been added to the policy as follows.
1) Claims connected to Tumours, Warts, Cysts, Growths and Abscesses, 2) Claims connected to Gastro-Intestinal, and Digestive System Disorders 3) Claims connected to Intestinal Foreign Bodies.
Bo is a female Jack Russell 6 years of age in good health and no ongoing illnesses.
We phoned pet plan and they said we had been to honest when we filled in the application form on line and this is why the exclusions had been added.
1) 8 months ago Bo had a Cyst removed and sent away for analysis. The result was it was be-nine and would not return, so not ongoing. 2) Unable to find out why this exclusion was added. 3) When Bo was 1 (5 years ago) she ate part of a cork mat and had to had an operation. According to Petplan this is an ongoing issue, (what puppies don't chew things).
Our vet offered to email Petplan to confirm none of the above was ongoing but this was still no acceptable to Petplan so we have had to cancel our policy and find an alternative insurer.
At best I would describe the way Petplan treated us was misleading at worst immoral.


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Posted: 07/02/2015

I've taken out a policy with pet plan for my puppy JRT. I mentioned that she heaves when in the car although not sick. I had 3 exclusions placed on my policy from day one for gastrointestinal problems and two other relating to vomiting. I'm currently awaiting a response on the 3 month review (my vets have sent a full health report) 😭

Posted: 07/05/2015

I have experienced the same problems with exclusions. The person we got our dog from as a puppy washed him and he got a small rash from the shampoo which cleared quickly. They added an exclusion for skin disorders and will not remove despite 2 letters from our vets confirming he has no skin disorder or any kind of on-going skin condition. They then refused to pay for treatment when he stuck his nose in a bush and got bitten off an insect, saying it wasn't covered as it was a skin disorder! I have been with PetPlan 20+ years but will not be staying with them.

Posted: 21/05/2015

Omg yes our puppy has an itchy ear so anti histamine drops.... And guess what Pet plan will now exclude ANY ear conditions or skin conditions for 2 years.... But still want the same full price.... All because they didn't know he was covered on month free breeder insurance.... Mm rip off oh and my cat has also had teething problems and they refused to pay too! Shocking!

Posted: 09/09/2015

Agreed they are awful they did the same to me and I am still arguing. They don't seem to understand offer and acceptance.

Posted: 13/09/2016

I had always heard that Petplan was the best, not just from vets but on animal forums.
I informed Petplan that my cat had a patch of fur missing on his leg during my application. I also clearly told them that my vets said it was likely from rubbing against something as opposed to a medical condition/disorder. lo and behold, Petplan put an exclusion on both skin and hormone disorders. Ridiculous. I called and was told to provide the cats full medical history. I called my vet and they told me Petplan had to request it from them. I told PetPlan this. Pat plan said they had contacted my vets to request a copy of his medical history. "An exclusion review can take up to 5 working day. Once this has been done you will be contacted to advise you of the Underwriters decision."
4 weeks late, no response. Emailed them again. Requested a refund of any payments and to cancel the policy.
2 whole weeks later I got a response saying they had not had any response from my vet and was told to chase the vet for the information.
I asked why they had not followed up themselves nor informed me they had not had a response.
I was told they were too busy and that it was my responsibility to get them the information. No comment on my request to have the policy cancelled and I continued to get charged.
Had to ask a 3rd time to cancel the policy and got no official response, other than I think I got 1 month's premium in refund, even though I had been charged for 3 months.

If that's the trouble I had with them with needing to claim, I would hate to have to submit a claim!

I have my dog insured with PetProtect which was not highly rated, and I have not had any issues with them, claiming for x rays and pain relief for older dog, even though I raised issues concerns about lameness with my vet prior to my policy starting. Same with M&S, with whom I had my old cat insured with for 10 years. No massive clams but did have an ongoing arthritis claim and x rays.