No Direct Debit Guarantee


My Mum had a policy with The Green Insurance Company for the last 4 years covering our dog. The policy cost £26 per month the first year rising to £36 for the fourth year. This year they put the premium up to £61, a rise of 69%. They emailed me as my mum has no email but I didn't see it until they tried to take the £61 from an account which only had the £36 in it for the usual amount and my mum found out what had happened. My mum paid them £1500 over the 4 years and never claimed. They do not see that emailing me is not enough to satisfy their obligation to my mum under the direct debit guarantee. My mum has never communicated with them via email. She only gave them my email address as one had to be provided to get the policy docs and direct debit form from their company.
So a customer pays them £1500 and they don't deserve a phone call or letter to inform them of a 69% rise? Not good enough.


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