Disgusting price rise


I have had my Labrador insured since she was 6 weeks old. Reasonable premiums for a few years
Have just had my renewal premium £155 a month!!! REALLY??? Have had 2 claims - 1 for pyometra and I for small course of treatment for arthritis.
BEWARE they will quote you low - as soon as you claim - they will get their money back some how.
Absolutely disgusting price rise. How is anyone supposed to afford this.
My claims - in the grand scheme of things are quite small - probably in total £3,000.
Avoid avoid avoid


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Posted: 16/01/2015

Just as Emma did I have just received a huge increase in my annual dog insurance. Dog had 2 claims about in total £300 in 18 months. Called More Than and expressed my amazement at hike of over 60% and dog only newly 4 years old. The advisor was excellent and said would do what she could for me. Came back and offered quote same as last year as I was loyal customer. Pays to call insurance company whether it is house, car or pet insurance as they all try it on. Have had other dog with cancer this year and more Than have been really excellent and covered all treatment including surgery and radiotherapy which has cost thousands. Expect this dogs new insurance quote to be sky high but will still call and try and negotiate cost down.

Posted: 28/01/2015

re my previous comment - called to ask where my new paperwork was for the new renewal figure and guess what - no note of me phoning or new quote.. advisor said would need to get call listened to but that as far as she was concerned higher renewal figure correct!!! Await with bated breath and can hazard a guess that they will not be able to retrieve call so even though I have advisor name, date of call and time of call I feel that I shall get nowhere, I could be wrong but..... lost all faith in their service. If I am wrong I shall add a comment.

Posted: 04/02/2015

re my previous 2 comments. Well I was wrong. Advisor called me back and advised had found call and it had been listened to and passed to underwriting dept and that advisor would call back again within 7 days. Advisor called back this morning and said that the original HUGE increase in premium for dag was correct but that the call had shown that all that I had said and the 1st advisor had said to me during call in which I had queried renewal figurewas correct and because the advisor had given me lower figure that they would honour it this year. They pointed out that next tears renewal would be calculated on the correct figure for this year so I expect a huge hike next year. Fair deal to them although there was no disputing the content of my first call. Pays to take note of date, time of call, advisor's name and what was agreed during call. They said that advisor would receive feedback re call!!? it was most helpful that the advisor I spoke to about lack of docs being saent after 1st call, dealt with problem and called me back twice at time requested much easier to deal with same person each time so no faulting company in this respect. So I can say I was wrong and that everything(this year)resolved.

Posted: 27/05/2016

I have been insured with More Than for 6years made only 1 claim. Now find I need to claim again but have been told once I have used My insured amount of £8,000 it will not be covered again for this injury or anything that can be connected with it. I bought what I thought was A LIFETIME POLICY and checked with advisors each time it was up for renewal that this was the case .time MORE THAN are stopped for their dreadful service, Not a happy customer.