I thought that my dog deserved 'the best' so took out a premium policy for her through Sainsburys . No issues and no claims for years until early 2014 when she developed heart failure .Claim sent in mar ,I was assured they would deal direct with the vets .in June got a letter from the vets saying no payment received . I contacted Sainsburys to be told they needed full history from previous vets (they could have emailed / phone me to ask for this !!).luckily the previous vets had full details so these were faxed . About a week later phoned for progress report and we're told 'we haven't received the documents ' .I had to fax a further 2 times before they 'got' them . With 2 further claims since then ,had to go through the whole stressful process and although they paid eventually ,when I was the one to be paid rather than vets the cheques were delayed .Again the excuses and delay tactics ...they must be lost in the post ! My dog has since died and expecting final cheque(again it is delayed by several days and should have arrived 3 days ago !) I will report them to the Ombudsman .Never again will I deal with Sainsburys insurance . My car is also insured with them but hate to think what would happen if I had to claim .So will be switching when renual is due next month .


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