Sadly change of underwiriter has not been good


I have had my two dogs insured with Sainsbury's for the last 6 years and have been really pleased. They recently changed underwriter and sadly we have been experienced some of the worst customer care I have had. Sent in a claim for a long term existing condition that has been paid for the last three years along with a new claim as my 11 year old is losing fur and it isn't a mite problem so something probably auto-immune and has needed investigation. The claim went in two months ago and still hasn't been processed even the part that has previously always just been paid. Instead they keep asking the same questions we cannot answer - he is a rescue dog and came from a serious cruelty case. He never saw a vet until rescued but still they ask for records from when he was a pup. How many times do you have to say you don't know as he has no records as a pup. I cannot fathom why they want to know about his puppy time when he is 11 and this skin loss has never happened in all the time he has seen vets which is 9 years as we adopted him at 2, so why would they possibly need to go back further. It smells of a "lets try and get out of paying" scenario which I know is quite common. I just have never experienced it with Sainsbury's before. The dog community is quite close and we take recommendations from each other - sorry definitely cannot recommend Sainsbury's at this time. If they do not settle the claim soon my other dog's insurance will move when the renewal comes up.


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