Make sure you read the exclusions


Very sadly my dog had to be put to sleep following a haemorrhage - sudden and not expected. LV dont cover the cost of euthanasia or cremation amongst many other exclusions. I do not rate this company at all. I have had much better and more compehensive pet insurance from other companies. They also try to wriggle out of making any payment, citing fictitious pre existing conditions.


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Posted: 12/02/2015

Hi Meg

I work for LV= and have picked up your review. I'm sorry to read of your dissatisfaction with our customer service.

If you'd like us to look into this for you, please email us your details to



Posted: 26/01/2016

Perhaps it would be better to put money aside instead of paying to insurance companies in the hope that you find that they are ok in your hour of need. If you pay £25 per month it works out at £3000 after 10 years. Before insurance, if you could not afford £1000's of pounds in bills you had your pet put down, & got another. It worked perfectly well in those days & can again.
Have you seen the amount of companies out there? They aint there to make a loss & they most certainly are not there in your pets best interest or yours.
I am interested in getting a Labradoodle later this year & I am horrified to read on average 50% of bad reviews concerning all the companies I have looked into.