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Great prices but don't refer a friend unless you have read the small print. It proudly boasts that it will give you an amazon voucher if you refer a friend. I referred two friends who took out a policy but when I tried to claim I was told this only applied to certain policies and not to the accident and injury policy. When I referred a friend I cannot remember seeing anything that stood out to say it only applied to certain policies so I do not bother to recommend friends anymore and as a breeder this company is now missing out on potential customers.


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Posted: 15/12/2014


As the original poster says you must read the small print, it is vital as you will be caught out as my
daughter was, if you don't read it. My daughter took out a policy for £3,000 for her little dog with this "Firm".
In September this year her little dog was knocked down and sustained horrendous injuries. An operation ensued to
save his life which was successful and now after three months of care from our wonderful vets and staff
he is almost back to himself again. The vet bill is for just over £1,600. My daughter made a claim and
was told the policy figure of £3,000 was for six separate instances of £500 over a twelve months period,
An excess of £99 will be payable on each claim, so the £3,000 is nonsense, Luci's little dog was knocked
down on our own private property, actually on our own private drive. It was at least 400 yards from the country
lane that our drive runs on to. We have a farm so the land and drive to the house is private. The vehicle that
knocked the dog down was the Post Office Van. The post Office have been very good understanding and
sympathetic and have admitted the fact where the dog was knocked down on our own private land nowhere
near the road whatsoever. This is undisputed fact. Animal Friends Pet Insurance have amazingly, refused
our claim.

We write following the review of your recent claim for Brynn.
From the information provided, we note that Brynn was unfortunately not kept secure, which resulted in a car accident.

It is with regret that in view of the accident circumstances described, we will be unable to consider the claim due to
section 13 of your policy:
13.1 General Conditions
13.1.5 You must ensure your pet cannot escape or stray from your property and any area in which a dog is kept
must be secure and appropriately fenced or otherwise secured and all reasonable steps must be taken to
prevent escape. When loading your pet into or out of your vehicle, you must ensure that the area is either
secure or your pet is on a lead.

In light of the above we have no option but to decline your claim and apply the following exclusion to your policy:
Excludes cover on all claims with respect to Anything to do with The Road Traffic Accident that occurred in
September 2014 and Resulting Conditions with effect from 8th September 2014.

It is ridiculous to say this is a road traffic accident when the nearest road is over 400 yards away

Our Private Drive is not a road, road traffic accidents don't happen on a private drive

A Road Traffic Accident is:= AN ACCIDENT INVOLVING "VEHICLES" (Collins English Dictionary)

Posted: 07/02/2015

Refer your claim to the Insurance Ombudsman as soon as possible