Do not trust this insurance


We have two dogs, both the same breed and age. One dog is covered by a larger insurance company and as he has a lot of health issues we were unable to move him. The other dog was in good health so we moved him to Tesco as the other premiums were more than double the price. This dog is on no medication and has had three small claims over five years. As soon as he reached the age of eight years his premium doubled to £80 a month. Our other dog who is on five lots of medication every day and has had claims of about £1,000 every year for the last three years is on premiums of £47 a month. Although we have tried to discuss this with Tesco they are not interested and have refused to discuss it. It is obvious that this company are aware that it is difficult to move a pet to another insurance company when they reach the age of eight years. Do not trust them.


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