worst insurance ever


Payed for the highest insurance they offer for my pug. We took him to the vets 2012 breathing problems. We took him home the same day and did not claim against the insurance. He started to have fits and we took him back to the vets in 2014. The vets said he needs an op because the breathing has got really bad and may be causing the fits. The insurance would not pay out as he had a breathing problem in 2012 and it had been 360days after. The vets the wanted to do a MRI scan as he may have a problem with his brain and yet again the they would not pay out as the said it the same as the breathing problem even tho the vet has written to the twice stating this is a complete different problem.


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Posted: 07/07/2015

I totally agree! Cooper has just been diagnosed with a ruptured ligament in his shoulder after visiting 4 different vets. Animal Friends are now refusing to pay out £600 for the X-rays because his notes say he had existing conditions for lameness. Even after discussing with them to explain these conditions were for dry and cut pads - there response was I should have advised of the limping when I took out the policy. To say I am furious is an understatement. Their policy isn't worth the paper it is written on!