Absolutely Appalling!


Bought a pug puppy, with sticky facial folds, called vet immediately, advised to wash daily... the next day I called Aminal Friends to insure him, 2 months later he started losing his hair on feet and body and itching badly, several trips to the vet followed and vet recommended Skin Scrape Tests etc, called Animal Friends to see if they would cover it and they said yes. Pug Diagnosed with Demodex mange. Put claim in for all vet visits and tests £300 REFUSED!! as they say the issue with his facial folds when i first got him is related to the Demodex that developed 2 months later! Vet assure me it isnt and have sent 4 emails and one letter to Aminal Friends on my behalf asking for a reassessment, each time I have called they have denied receiving anything from the vet! Registered letter sent next! Them email received saying they will not uphold the complaint and will not reassess. The vet support us completely and will put in writing the fact that his facial fold issue has absolutely nothing to do with the Demodex, so now complaining to the Financial Ombudsman. DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS SHAM COMPANY!! If you already have.... send everything recorded and dont expect to be paid out should the worst happen.... EVER!


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