Animal Friends Rip off


I believed I had £500 worth of cover for vets bills and was aware I had £69 excess to pay. As with other insurance policies I believed I paid the first £69, then still had £500 worth of cover - wrong - with Animal Friends the £69 comes off the £500, therefore the cover is £431. Then in the small print it says that for dogs over 8 years old there is a reduction of 35%, so the £431 then becomes £280. I currently pay £18.88 per month, £226.56 per annum. My first claim, after paying for years was £179.67, less £42.96 not claimable!!, less £69 excess, less 35% - total payable £44.01. The condition was first treated at my vets in May 2014, I should therefore have cover up to May of 2015, however a comment written on my vets notes suggests that the condition may have started in October 2013, therefore the cover expired in October 2014 - regardless of the fact that this was incorrect and that the dog did not need treatment until May 2014. What a rip-off - I feel well and truly robbed having paid insurance for years with no claims. Don't touch them


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Posted: 04/02/2015

I am about to make a claim. My dog is 14 and had inner ear infection (we thought he' had a stroke). My claim amount before his check up is £173.92.

I don't recall being sent any policy documents at renewal? Did you?

Posted: 25/05/2015

I really hope you complained to the insurance company