Like talking to a cold, solid brick wall...


2 Cats insured from kittens, now 9yrs old. 1 claim made 7yrs ago £125 for a tooth out and paid (the good old days). 3yrs ago made 2nd claim for my other cat who also had a tooth out £225,received a letter saying they will not pay, no explanation. Have just enquired about whether its worth bothering to claim £250 for another tooth extraction... told, No. I could have saved the premiums and paid bills myself. They have been of no use when I have needed help.
Their claim line tells you to print a form and take it to the vets, the vets charged me £9 to fill it in, tescos now tell me I should have called them direct, this is exactly what I did! I just got this incorrect message to print the form...they couldn't care less.
My premium has just gone up by 25% this year and one cat now costs more than the other when they have both cost an equal amount since 2006, explanation is due to their age but they are sisters born at the same time, why is one costing more??? Is that an 'explantion'? 'Pathetic nonsense and translating into 'take it or leave it' she didn't want to listen to me and cut me off in mid sentence when she got rid of me to another dept.
As you can guess I am not impressed with tescos, the company only exists to line the pockets of the top brass who are sitting back comfortably and laughing at us...staff are eunuch-puppets.
My suggestion is to try PetPlan instead, they only insure pets and at a reasonable cost. Have yet to see how they perform though, can't be as cold as tescos, they have too many fingers in too many pies to care about anything other than their profits.


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