Sudden MASSIVE price jump!


My 6yr old Male neutered cat has been with More Than since he was a kitten. He needed an op about 2 years ago to save his back leg. The monthly premium went up to £28. I was fine paying that as More Than had caused no issues with payments direct to the vet when i had to use them. But now i have received a letter from More Than stating my monthly charge will now be £44!!!! Are you kidding me?!! No claims in almost 2 years, and only one claim in the whole 6 years! When i called them, they said it was because my cat is 6 yrs old and the Vet prices are to blame, not them. I used to recommend you to my friends, i'm now making sure they DON'T ever use you. A horrible ripoff. And i am glad i found out what you are like before i got my other animals who i will be insuring with another company and NOT YOU!


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