Pet Plan Referral from Battersea Dopgs Home


We had one month charity cover after we collected our puppy from Battersea. We tried to take out the life cover for when our free coverage was completed.
We tried to organise this but on the two occasions we called nobody at Pet Plan knew what we were talking about. We quoted the Policy reference and charity reference given to us by Battersea to no avail.
It would be helpful if the call centre had been in the UK - I'm sure they would have understood.
I'm very disappointed with Pet Plan


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Posted: 15/09/2015

We're having the same issue - 4 weeks free cover (via vets rather than Battersea this time) which means petplan can't now set up a continuing policy. Seems to defy the point of 4 weeks free cover if you have to wait 14 days uninsured (just as pup completes vaccinations and starts going out) at the end of it.