You might as well throw your premiums in the bin as this company rarely if ever pay out on a claim. They do not cover normal pet illnesses and accidents and stick to a very specific list which is a huge joke. The are on Facebook and the posts on there from customers, all negative get deleted by them when they feel like it. Thanks to them I now have 2 elderly uninsurable cats who I am unable to get treatment for. Petpals, a name that is a lie has to be the worst pet insurance company in the UK. I hope that all the bad comments get somewhere but they are so arrogant I very much doubt it. I am doing the Ombudsman thing and should everyone else. Good luck in your fight against these people.


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Posted: 13/01/2015

My cat needs a Convenia injection due to a bad rash on her skin that won't quit with other antiiiotbcs. Cat dermatologist going to try Convenia, though Lime/Sulfur dip is working for a while then stops as soon as using it stops. I'm wondering what a fair price for the shot would be in the RI or MA areas. IS it possible to buy the injectable online myself here in the USA? I'm really needing to save money because the pet insurance won't be covering this condition, I don't think. They're already saying it's a pre-existing condition and may not cover costs of this fine expensive skin problem.