I insured my cat with Petplan. They will fight tooth and nail to not pay you. They will even have the nerve to then re-send your insurance documents with additional costs they add onto your policy for their inconvenience.

They will also add onto the 'Life Policy' a disclaimer which will avoid you being covered for anything to do with the illness you tried to claim for originally.

I would avoid completely. When i rang up to complain and cancel, she told me to 'take care' 5 times when saying goodbye.

100% awful.


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Posted: 01/12/2014

I have 2 labradors, both insured with Petplan. One of my dogs has needed surgery to his back legs - the initial claim went in and it was refused because he had an "existing condition" - the "existing condition" they referred to was in fact his front legs! Legs separated by a body - a big one at that. I had to take the issue to the head of the commercial department to get it sorted. Eventually, we received payment for his surgeries - but not before I had to take to social media etc. Now one of my boys has an ear problem - guess what? He's had ear problems before - I'm now a thousand pounds adrift so far!! Shocking company. Big commercial organisation who don't care a jot for animal welfare.

Posted: 15/04/2015

Clearly a lot of people on this site don't understand insurance. No insurer covers pre-existing problems. Why do people get so upset? You should have had pet insurance the day you got your dog, covered for life, then you'd never ever have a claim refused. They don't fight people not to pay, they just won't pay for idiots who take out insurance after the problem started, if they did that the premiums would be sky high for the sensible amongst us.

Posted: 09/06/2015

Hi Gillian, i am having the same issue with petplan, they are refusing to pay for tooth extraction which is causing sinisitus in my horse because 5 years ago she had her front teeth widened to prevent food impaction (previous widened teeth at front of mouth & current condition at back of mouth)she has had the dentish every 6 months since, my vets confirmed these are unrelated but Pet Plan are refusing to pay out as they are sayings its related. I have compained to them a thousand times but getting no where, what did you do to get your complaint looked at by the head of the commercial department?