Con Artists


Very Pet insurance (Thornside) are very quick to take your money but as soon as you make a claim they will do anything to avoid paying out and will then increase your premiums massively to get the money back.
We were paying £24 per month for their platinum insurance for our 9 year old Labrador Retriever but after making a claim the premium rose by 44%
A year later the premium has risen to £124 per month, a massive 500% increase in one year because I have made a claim. Admittedly the claim is ongoing and the insurance company should have paid out around £1000 over the last year, but that is the reason why i took out the platinum cover in the first place. The reason why I say they should have paid out £1000 is because they still owe the vet over £300 which has been outstanding for nearly 6 months and the vet is continuously chasing me for the payment.
Avoid at all cost... you have been warned!


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