Worst service ever. Spend your cash elsewhere!


Have had dogs for all my adult married life - 30 years and always had them insured. Thought when we got our last lad we would try Sainsburys insurance. What a mistake. Well actually not Sainsburys, but the give the work to bdml or Allianz. God, or any other ethereal being is needed to get you through the process of getting your claim resolved. More than one being if you are unfortunate enough to straddle the period of transfer of underwriting from bdml to Allianz earlier this year. Claims submitted in June 20124 re condition treated in previous couple of months still not dealt with and still being chased today in October with a claim from 2013 just being paid out last month. I casnnot agree more with some of the other comments on here re the delaying, lack of communication and plain unhelpfulness of some staff. Just as well I am a stubborn mongrel of a Scotsman with a bit of Welsh in me. 6 weeks after the sad demise of our lad they (Allianz) have not even started processing the last claim as bdml have not dealt with theirs. Looks like the next stop is the ombudsman or the local psychiatric clinic!!! Choose another company and accept that maybe even paying more can only result in better service. I would never recommend Sainsbury pet insurance to anyone, ever! Use it at your peril. Nectar point are not worth this much hassle!


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