Massive hikes in premiuns. Beware!!!


I've just received my renewal for my 7 year old lurcher and it has risen from an already ridiculous £45 to an awe inspiringly crazy £73.73.
I have claimed on her insurance but it was for less that £1000 and that was when she was a very young dog. I am completely disgusted with them as they quite obviously hike the premiums in an attempt to get rid of you at a point in a dogs life when they may actually start to need insurance. I am moving my dogs whilst she is still under 8 and will never use this company again.


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Posted: 27/10/2014

I have had exactly the same for my dog,he is 12 ,so the option to change to another company is not an option.we have insured for all his life with them,and had only 4 claimes in his life time and as you say its as if at the end of there life they don't really want you to insure with them any more or if you do at a premium,I would never insure with them again if we get another dog.