Focussed only on delaying/avoiding paying out.


There is only one thing this company is good at...that is using every excuse & trick to avoid & delay paying! I've experienced the same as other reviewers...I've had to make 5 claims, & for every single claim I've been told multiples times for each that the claim form and/ or clinical history have not been received by them, even though I got my vet to fax & email these directly to Sainsburys, because I didn't believe them! Every time I've called them, I've been quoted the '5 day' promise, though all of my 'straightforward' claims have taken in excess of 2 months to resolve! I've also had the same as other reviews with them continually asking how my cat is when I call, although it is on their records that we have lost her (this is also despite it being on my policy record that 'they' cancelled my policy immediately after we lost our cat, & them writing a letter to me whilst I still had claims ongoing, citing that 'I' had cancelled my policy!). Part of the most recent claim was also disputed, because of a home visit when we had to 'let her go'...we were told we needed the vet to confirm that the home visit was necessary & to move her would have been 'damaging to her health', yet all of the clinical history, & claim details from the vet confirm what the purpose of the home visit was, & is the same reason why 'they' cancelled my policy as of the following day! Even now, I have had to contact the vet to ask them to email & fax over confirmation of the necessity of the home visit - my vet has emailed & faxed this (but surprise, surprise, as normal Sainsburys claim they haven't received this...perhaps I will ask my vet to email & fax 4 times at the outset, as it seems to take at least that number of attempts before Sainsbury's realise that eyebrows will be raised & the excuse starts to become rather obvious. I would avoid Sainsburys at all cost, they only appear to have their own interests in mind, & seem to be prepared to do whatever they must to look after these. They appear to have absolutely no concern or regret whatsoever for anything other than lining their own pockets, & seem to be prepared to go to any length to get what they want, whatever the cost & suffering caused to policyholders & their pets. I get the impression from speaking with their staff that they are fully aware of what Sainsburys are trying to do, & how they expect them to do it.


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