Took out highest insurance policy with pet plan for my 3 month german shepherd. They asked me what her skin was like. I told them fine just pink in colour. They immediately put an exclusion on all skin conditions unless I can provide a copy of pets health history. Provided pets health history with no mention of pre existing skin conditions. They decided to continue the exclusion and add an extra exclusion of any gastro related conditions as on the notes the vet said dog had one episode of loose stool as result of change in diet! So I would be paying over £100 a month for insurance that excludes 2 common conditions which effect all dogs ! I cancelled my policy immediately and raised an official complaint . The customer service team were indifferent to my concerns . Terrible customer service. Furthermore my sister moved to Southern Ireland after contacting pet plan to make sure they covered that area . They confirmed they did. When she moved and sought assistance for her cat they refused her claim despite them acknowledging the recorded phone conversation which wrongly said they would cover that area ! Be careful as they are very sneaky with their approach of getting out of paying out.


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