Rejected Claim - Buyer Beware


Quite an amazing organisation. Tommee, our pet English Springer Spaniel, had a lump which we noticed on her left flank in September. This was monitored and she was taken to the vets in October where it was confirmed that a grass seed had entered her foot and travelled through her body to rest on her rib cage where is formed into an abcess. A procedure was confirmed and clearance given by Animal Friends to commence as a pre authorisation. The written claim was subsequently submitted to be rejected saying that the condition pre existed the inception of the insurance by several months. Tommee was born on the 25th December 2014. The insurance commenced in early March, prior to her 12 weeks jab and the condition was noted in September this year. According to Animal Friends, the seed, which entered Tommee's foot whilst running in a field, entered her body whilst she was in her mum's womb. This lot are crackers and will do what they can to prevent, deny and avoid paying out legitimate claims. Beware.


English Springer Spaniel


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