Premium hike


Made a small claim after my terrier hurt a dew claw. Claimed £107 back after excess of £ renewal the price shoots up 36% so they can claw back their payout within 14 months.Reasons for this rip off included the ridiculous statement "There has been an increase in pet claims in your area". As a result I'm taking my pet, household and car insurance elsewhere. Way to go me off and lose around £800 per year!


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Posted: 05/10/2015

In similar situation. Used them for first time in May.. the first time in my pups 3 and half years. The bill has gone up £50 from £330 which was high enough as is. They are now asking for £380. When queried they said it is because she is a year older. At this rate, what the hell will the bill be by the time she is 9yrs....illness or not.