We had taken our pet to the vets as what looked like skin tags had appeared on his chest and one on his paw. The vet explained that these are probably nothing, but the one on his paw will be irritating him so it would be best to have it removed. We decided to have them both removed at the same time so our pet didn't have to go through any more than he had to.

A claim form was sent to us, we paid the vets the £99 excess, had the skin tags removed, the vets completed the form and sent back to Purely Pets. However, Purely Pets decided that as there were 2 skin tags they had to be under separate claims, even though there was only one operation!

I received 2 emails from Purely Pets, one re: the paw and one re: the chest - both emails stated the same amount claimed (the cost of the operation divided by 2) plus an extra £11.63 each for the interpretation of the skin tags. I emailed them to request an explanation re cost, they never got back to me. I ended up telephoning them and asking for further information. They didn't explain anything apart from what is within the 2 emails is correct.

I was told that if I needed the claims looking into, future instructions had to come from the vet and not me, even though I'm the customer who pays the premium!

In all, we almost paid for 50% of the operation ourselves

I wish I had checked out the reviews before taking this policy out. I will not be renewing the policy and I do not recommend Purely Pets to anyone!


Lhasa Apso


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