Worst Ever - avoid at all costs


Not good at all and not helped by appalling vets (local branch of vets4Pets)Had my irish wolfhound covered with them - the first time we ever had to make a claim (at 3 years old) for a hip problem - arthritis - they wormed out of paying by dragging up an incident she had as a 6 month old puppy - she ran through house and slipped on hard floor into door frame and had to go on Metacam for bruising - 5 days later she was fine and running about again ........but they decided that if we'd had her xrayed then they might have found the problem with her hip earlier??????? Needless to say an irish wolfhound doesn't finish growing in terms of height till age 1.5 years and then spends another 6 months 'filling out' and are finally fully grown at 2years old ..... I fail to see how at 6 months old we could have discovered arthritis ???? Anything excuse not to pay out!!!!!!


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