The worst insurance experience ever!


we are with Animal Friends (or were until today when we cancelled all of our policies) for our 5 pets. Recently our beautiful Persian girl got ill and subsequently died. The vets bill was for over £630. After 2 months of toing and froing with Animal Friends we were given a final settlement of less than £25.
They have managed this by breaking the illness down and settling each "problem" separately, with a £99 excess for each problem.
Horrified by how appalling the insurance cover has proved to be I asked to cancel all of our policies, so that we can insure our precious pets with a "proper" insurance company. It then became clear that the cat who had died was still insured with "animal Friends" who were also still collecting money, by Direct Debit from our bank, for a cat that has been dead for 2 months!
Is there any point of insuring a pet when this is the level of cover that will be provided?
If their prices look too good to be true there is a good reason for that.


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