Fantastic company! Excellent value, kind &helpful!


I am really pleased with the service that VetsMediCover provide for my dog. I have got my Labrador Mia insured with them and I first took her policy out when she was a puppy. I chose the higher level of cover (vet's fees for up to £10,000) because I know how expensive vet bills can be due to my old dog having hip dysplasia. It is always best to plan for unexpected illness and so I would recommend that people take out the higher cover. Anyway when she was about 11 months old she became poorly and my vet decided that we needed to test her for allergies. The costs for these tests are very expensive but VetsMediCover covered all of the costs (minus the excess) without any hassle at all. I was so pleased and it was so reassuring to know that I have got my dog insured with such a good company. It has turned out that she has indeed got allergies and without VetsMediCover we wouldn't have known this because I would have struggled financially to pay for the tests myself. Also the customer service team are always friendly and helpful and there were no questions asked when I rang up for a claim form. All in all I rate this company 10/10 and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for pet insurance.


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